Reservation Process
Delivery & Setup
Q - How far in advance do I have to call to make a reservation?
A - In general, you should contact us as soon as you have an idea of the date, number of guests, and equipment needed.  
With this said, feel free to contact us on short notice and we'll do our best to work with you to meet your needs.
Q - What makes a reservation official?
A - A reservation is official when you provide us with your 25% deposit to hold your date and equipment.
Q - How do I leave a deposit?
A - You can leave a deposit in a number of ways: by cash in person or by mail via personal check, bank check, or money
order.  Our mailing address is:
Pitchin Tents Party Rentals
P.O. Box 1631
Lindenhurst, NY 11757-0943
Q - When can I expect delivery and setup to take place?
A - If your party is booked in advance we will call 3-4 days before your party date to discuss the date & time frame.
Q - When is the balance of my payment due?
A - The balance of your payment must be paid in full upon delivery.
Q - Does someone have to be present during the setup of equipment?
A - In general, no as long as the balance has been prepaid or arrangement have been made to clear the balance.  If you are
renting a tent we strongly recommend that someone is present during setup to ensure your satisfaction of tent placement.
Q - Does someone have to be present during the pickup of the euipment?
A - No, as long as all our equipment is accessible to our staff and ready for transport.
Q - What is included in the setup of euipment?
A - Tent setup is included however tables and chairs are not and will be left for you to setup to your liking.
Q - Is there a delivery charge?
A - Yes, unfortunately we were forced to change our old policy of free delivery due to extraordinary fuel costs.  There is
a flat delivery charge of $10.00 as long as the party location is within 5 miles of our warehouse.  Locations further than 5
miles will be charged the $10.00 flat fee plus a modest per mile charge thereafter.  Please note we only charge one
direction meaning that delivery and pickup are included.  
Q - Are your prices negotiable?
A - No, we believe we have a very fair pricing structure.  However, if you can provide proof of a lower competitor price on
comparable equipment, we will beat it.
Q - What happens if we damage any of your equipment?
A - Depending on the situation, you will be held liable for replacement or repair of the damaged equipment.
Q - Are security deposits required?
A - Regardless of how you decide to pay, a credit card authorization is required to ensure our equipment is picked up in the
same condition and the same quantity as it was delivered or picked up from our warehouse.
Q - Does your business carry Insurance?
A - Yes, of course.  We realize the importance of carrying sufficient coverage not only for our customers but for us as well.
Q - What if I call and I'm told that the equipment I'm looking for is unavailable?
A - Our professional, creative staff will do their very best to accommodate all of your needs.
Q - Do you have a customer referral program?
A - Yes, we provide additional discounts to those customers who either referred business to us or were referred to us
through existing customers.  Please e-mail us for further details on our customer referral policies.
Q - How much room do you need around the tent in order for you to stake the pole tent in properly?
A - As a general rule of thumb we like to have a minimum of 5 feet on each side of the tent.  For example, the space
required for a 20 x 20 Pole Tent is 30 feet by 30 feet.
Q - When is the end of your rental season?
A - We have no formal end date to our rental season because it is based on customer demand (largely driven by weather).  
However, it is very common for customers to rent tables and chairs for indoor gatherings during the holiday season.
Q - What is the difference between a pole tent and a frame tent?
A - A frame tent is a free-standing structure (meaning it does not have a center pole and does not need to be staked in
the ground).  A pole tent is supported by a center pole and must be staked into the ground approximately 5 feet from the
end of the tent on all sides.  It is important to note that due to the stakes a pole tent must be setup over grass or dirt.
Q - How is your pricing so reasonable?
A - This is a very common question.  The reason we have such competitive prices is simple, our expenses are less than our
competition.  90% of our business is driven by word-of-mouth from customers who had positive experiences with us rather
than costly advertising.  This enables us to pass the savings on to our customers.
Q - What should I do if I don't know what I need?
A - CONTACT US!  We know planning the perfect party can be overwhelming.  Allow our party professionals to help you
reach your goals.
Q - If I cancel my reservation, what happens to my deposit?
A - You can use your deposit as a credit towards another party with us in the same season.  However, if you cancel without
having plans to reschedule you will forfeit your deposit.  
Q - What is the best way to contact you to start the reservation process?
A - Believe it or not, the best way to initially contact us to get information is by e-mail.  Provide us with the party date,
inventory you are interested in, the type of surface the tent will be installed on, and the town the property is located in.
  • Cash
  • Bank Check
  •  Money Order
  • Credit Card
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